25 Brutally Honest Dating Tips – How To Get A Girlfriend – MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE YOU NEED TO KNOW

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How do I get a girlfriend? You know this is probably the question I get asked the most. It’s a long question to actually try and answer. But it’s also the most important dating advice you will ever need to know. Getting a girlfriend is the ultimate end goal. It is what you are all striving for and trying to achieve. You know, someone to spend cosy nights with and explore different countries with. A soulmate that you can spend the rest of your life with, eventually buying a home and having children if you wish.

It’s not much to ask for but sometimes it does feel like a real struggle to find. But in today’s video I’m going to talk you through the 25 steps that you need to take to get yourself a girlfriend.

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0:00 Intro
0:55 How to get a girlfriend
1:03 Fix your mindset
2:00 Don’t be desperate
2:39 Be a high value man
3:12 Find a way to meet women
3:39 Work on your style
4:18 Grow your social circle
4:53 Have an alpha male confidence
6:01 Engage
6:30 Build connection
7:42 Close
7:59 Work on your anxiety
8:30 Don’t take rejection personally
9:20 Use ‘plate theory’
9:55 Control competition anxiety
10:27 Narrow down your options
10:55 Escalate to a relationship
11:25 Prioritize your growth as a man
11:57 Prioritise her over other women
12:55 Make agreements with each other
13:19 Be a man of integrity

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