A Lowdown On Bug Reports And How To Create Good One

Considering how effective bug reports can be for your web design and development endeavours, here’s presenting everything you need to know about bug reports.

The most requested feature on ruttl is here – CNAME! 🤩
And we’re all going happy-crazy like:

rachel and phoebe jumping

Here’s how you can activate it on your account:

  • If you have the Team plan in your account, go to the Team section on the main dashboard.
  • Under the field of Custom domain, please enter your preferred domain.
  • Visit your domain registrar and create a CNAME DNS record pointing to cname.ruttl.com. This may take upto 15 minutes to be fully functional, depending on your TTL.
  • Once your CNAME is activated, visit your custom domain.

To watch this feature in action, checkout the youtube video below!

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