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A nip here and a tuck there, it is no longer taboo for women to talk about plastic surgery these days, compared with 10 years ago. It is increasingly common for people to go under the knife to fix what they deem as body imperfections. Picture perfect models do not only appear in the glossy pages of fashion magazines, but also jump out at you from Instagram and Facebook with the rise of social media. Women and beauty are a never-ending conversation. The beauty industry sells the idea of youth and external perfection; girls grow up struggling with body image issues linked to confidence and identity. A personal trainer, a cancer patient, a mother with stretch marks, a woman with a skin condition known as psoriasis, an “active-ageing” grandmother, and a yoga studio operator who used to cut herself – meet these women who have struggled and emerged beautiful in their own skin.

Shot and produced by Neo Xiaobin for The Straits Times

Story in print published on: Apr 14, 2016