Crystal Jellies Anal Stuffer

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Are You Ready to Spice It Up in the Bedroom?

Is your love life getting predictable? Follow these fun and easy tips and you are sure to rekindle the passion and spice it up in the bedroom!

Make Her Fall In Love With You By Blending Realities

Wouldn’t you love to have a magic wand you could use on girls? Well, you’re about to learn how!

Sex Tips for Men – 3 Scintillating Ways to Spice It UP in the Sack EVERY Man Ought to Know

Who else thinks that sex is NOT as exciting for a woman… as it is for a man? Do you think that women fantasize about sex less often, or less frequently than you do? Or maybe you have been led to believe that women have far tamer sexual fantasies, or desires, or even things that we want to try, simply because we don’t talk about them as much as men do?

Seduction Secrets: Do You Smell What I Smell?

There are hundreds of olfactory receptors (approx. 388) and each of them affects the combination of excitatory signals. The end results are molecules that predict and determine a smell.

The Sexual Anatomy Involved in Female Orgasm

Some women use clitoral stimulation to explain their orgasms with a male lover. It is unlikely that this applies to the majority of women otherwise more men would be aware of the role of the clitoris.