Fuck Phone Calls (How To Get Out Of Them)

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Does talking on the phone make you nervous? Do you think phones are for pussies and refuse to use them for any purpose other than snapchatting dickpics to random people on the internet? Or are you a time-traveller from the past and don’t trust the wizardry that goes into cell/mobile phone technology? WELL FEAR NO MORE! This video will show you how to get out of speaking on the phone.
This video will cure your…..”telephonophobia”

By the way, I’ll be working on the Part 2 to my Pranks video this week, so it should be up next weekend.
And for the special few who read the description, there might even be a Part 3 which talks about more than just pranks. Who knows. You’ll see in the coming weeks. Hope you’re all good.

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