How to Get a Canadian Work Permit

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Do you wish to work in Canada? Are you having trouble finding information on how to begin this process? This video will help to explain the process for obtaining a temporary Canadian work permit that will enable you to work in Canada.
In this video we will explain:
– How to obtain a job offer in Canada
– How to obtain a labour market opinion
– How to apply for your work permit
– Obtaining medical and police clearance
– Validity of the work permit
Obtaining a Job Offer
This is the most difficult step. In order to obtain a work permit it is necessary to have a job offer from a Canadian employer.
How can you obtain a job offer?
There are a few different ways to get a job offer:
– You can contact employers directly and submit your resume to them.
-You can apply through employment agencies or contacts in Canada who can forward your resume to possible employers.
– You can post your resume on websites like where an employer can see your resume and, if interested, contact you for more information.
This process can take a lot of time and will require perseverance. Finding a job is never easy and you must have a great deal of patience. When you have a job offer confirmed, you can move on to the next step.
Obtaining a Labour Market Opinion
The second step in the process is to obtain a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). To get an LMO approved, it is necessary to fill out some forms and submit supporting documents as well. This process can take from a few weeks to about six months depending on the type of the work and the province where you will work.
Once an LMO is approved is it possible to move on to the next step.
Applying for your Work Permit
The third step is applying for the work permit. This application must be filed at a Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the country where you have lived legally for at least one year. You will also be required to attend an interview at the visa office where you submitted your application. Direct family members are allowed to be a part of the application, and the process to get the work permit and entry visa takes approximately 2 weeks.
Obtaining medical and police clearance
All applicants will have to submit a medical and police clearance. Applicants who have a criminal record will be deemed inadmissible to Canada and refused entry into the country. You must contact your local authorities to obtain your medical clearance. Only specific practitioners can provide a valid medical clearance. For a list of recognizes practitioners in your area, please consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Validity of the Work Permit
Work permits are generally valid for 1-2 years, depending on the length of the contract but can be renewed if the contract is extended. Persons who have been in Canada for a few years under a temporary work permit are eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Skilled Worker class or new Canadian Experience Class.
For more information on work permits please visit our website at If you wish to post your resume online you can do so at or feel free to call us at 1-866-760-2623.
We wish you the best of luck.