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The Digital Railway and FRMCS. A Replacement for GSM-R

Today’s railway networks use GSM-R for wireless communications. With the advent of 5G, a new and far superior technology called FRMCS, will replace GSM-R.

Is CBD Oil Really Effective? Studies Would Suggest So

Can CBD oil be used to treat the symptoms of many illnesses, injuries, and diseases? This issue was investigated and evidence has been found to support it. While research into the health benefits of Cannabidiol oil is still in its infancy, it is being investigated.

New Book Uses Driving As Metaphor to End Distracted Living

In Driving Lessons for Life 2, Jim Jacobs returns to the topic of his first book, using car and driving metaphors to teach us lessons about how we can all do better on the road to life. From philosophical to funny, this book is filled with great advice. The chapters are short and can be read in a few minutes, but each contains a nugget or two of wisdom that will have all of us inspired to do better at the art of living, and driving too!

Indigenous COVID-19 Vaccine Covaxin Approved In India For Kids Of Two To Eighteen Years of Age!

This comes as a big positive breakthrough in light of the reopening of schools across India and the urgent need of vaccinating the children so that they do not become carriers of the virus and bring it home to jeopardize the elders of the families. Further, in the much feared Third Wave of the pandemic in India that can actually break out after the festival season there has been a concern that the kids would be the worst affected section of the population…

Title: AWS Cloud Practitioner Course – A Change Agent in Digital Transformation

Organizations are investing in digitalizing their operations to achieve business resilience. Getting AWS Cloud Practitioner training can help companies be better prepared for the digital transformation journey. Find out how.