“I can go 3 days without washing my bra ” – JMK | Pulse Fun Facts

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G-Spot Healing And Massage

All women have one, most don’t know it and don’t understand how it works. Gentle touch in the beginning is required. Some women have pain in this area. I will teach you how to help her get beyond the pain and move into the ultimate pleasure of G-Spot orgasm.

11 Ways To Deepen Intimacy

Although the word INTIMACY conjures up thoughts of sex, true intimacy is much more complex than just sex. Being authentic is key.

Why Men Miss the Mark on Female Orgasm

Women need 20 – 45 minutes of stimulation to reach an orgasm. If your love-making is over in 2 – 10 minutes like most men, are you really pleasuring your woman? This article will give you 10 ways to get her there every time. You just need a slow hand, like the Pointer Sister’s song.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm Part 3: Become Casanova

When learning how to make a woman orgasm, it is known that nothing works better than natural, raw attraction. Natural attraction like that can’t be faked, and to become naturally attractive like that can’t be faked, either. So in part 3 of our “female orgasm” series, we learn about what it takes to become naturally attractive and create natural attraction.

Tied His Impotance Around My Throat

A full week elapsed before lovemaking ensued. Then, a once-a-week-on-Sunday-only-because-I’m-obliged-to pattern emerged. These Sunday morning, disenchanted attempts at lovemaking would eventually be the undoing of our marriage. His impotency was never a problem for me. My difficulty resided in his accusations and misguided solutions. Unable to complete the sexual act, Joey would become furious with me. His blaming words accumulated like small bricks stacking themselves against my mind, body, and heart, building a wall. I had to accept most of this in silence.