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What Happens When Christians and Non-Christians When They Die

Each person exists in the energy forms of (3) different types; the Body, the Soul and the Spirit. Energy can only change form; it cannot be destroyed. When a human body ceases to be alive, the Spirit of the person is committed to Heaven, or Hell, and the Soul unconsciously rests/sleeps until the second resurrection of Christ.

Gwalior Fort Madhya Pradesh

This fort was built on Gopagiri. From the inscriptions, it is known that 139 Kings ruled this fort. Gwalior fort History • According to the inscriptions was built in 8th CE &, King Suraj Sen (Suraj Sen Pal) Was the founder of this fort. • This fort was ruled by 135 kings • The Pal Kingdom Ruled this fort for a long time, (989 Years, i.e, up to 83 descendants) • Later Kachchapaghatas Ruled

Why Is Prayer Necessary?

You need time with God everyday so you can have a productive spiritual life with purpose and direction. Prayer will help you have the Spirit of Jesus and operate with the mind of Jesus. This is highly important! I’m sure you feel the same way. Don’t you? Is there more you need to know? Yes, there is! Prayer is refreshing and energizing your mind and spirit. I teach what I do and you’ll gain a lot of spiritual value from this teaching article.

How Do You Build Spiritual Truth Into Your Life?

The language of the believer is Truth! Spiritual truth from God’s Word. How? Follow the Truth by the scriptures and do not abandon it! The Holy Spirit teaches you the Word and obedience to God. There is something in the Gospel that is different from anything else. Christ in you is the life, the Truth, and the way! I’m excited about this! What about you? When you enhance your Bible Truth, you enrich your spiritual life. Let me break it down for you. Read this and take your time.

The Blood of Jesus (2)

“It’s about a Christian who boarded the same taxi with me. He was very zealous and started distributing gospel tract inside the taxi. When he gave me the tract I rejected it. He started preaching, so I became disturbed and knocked him with the ring on my finger. That was to kill him. And the boy shouted: ‘The blood of Jesus!’ Immediately, lightening and fire and an angel appeared. A strong wind again removed me with great force out of the taxi and into the thick jungle. Had it not been that I was a man backed by evil powers, I could have got lost in that jungle. Sure, the Christian did not know the war that went on his behalf. All he knew including the other passengers was that I had disappeared from the taxi! The name of Jesus or the blood of Jesus in [from] the mouth of a believer sends out fire,