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Having Trouble Getting Your Girl To Orgasm? These Are The First 4 Things You Should Try!

When it comes to sex, one of the worst feelings in the world a guy can have is knowing that for whatever reason, he is unable to make his girl orgasm during sex. It’s especially awful when we get a little older (I’m 33), our partners get a little older, and therefore the number of partners we have had is a little higher than it was in our early twenties. I’ll admit it, I’ve got a bit of an ego, and nothing gets at me more than knowing some other dude (or more than one) in the past has satisfied my girl better than I can. The only thing worse than not being able to make her climax is knowing that other guys in the past have. If you find yourself in that situation and you want out of it (who wouldn’t?), here are the first four things you should try.

Is Porn Bad for Me? The Truth About Pornography Every Man Ought to Know

Is watching porn everyday bad? If so… HOW so? Will it affect my sex life? Will it help me be better in bed? Do women like guys who watch porn? And if not… WHY not?

Women’s Responses Do Not Need To Be Sociable

Women who masturbate tend to be those who are most confident about orgasm. Through masturbation women are able to enjoy orgasm without taking on the risks of pregnancy and childbirth that traditionally come with intercourse and a relationship with a man.

The Female Orgasm – 3 Basic Steps You Can Take to Achieving One

Many women today either do not have an orgasm or have difficulty reaching one. Studies show that 95% of women are capable of reaching orgasms but still need help in achieving it. Although every woman is different in nature, all women are pre-orgasmic. In this article we are going to discuss some tips you can use for reaching the perfect female orgasm.

How to Give a Woman a Mind Blowing Orgasm

Sometimes, trying to give a female an orgasm can seem somewhat overwhelming. For men, it is not really an issue, but the female anatomy is far more complicated, so achieving female orgasm can sometimes involve enhanced technique, or a variety of techniques.