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Zenserp is a Google Search API by Austria-based SaaS Industries. It allows you to scrape search engine results pages in realtime. It’s easy to use and solves common problems that are associated with SERP scraping.

In this Zenserp review, we’ll go over what SERP scraping is, what the benefits are, and how Zenserp makes SERP scraping easier. We’ll also walk you through Zenserp’s main features, as well as list the pros, cons, and pricing.

What is Serp Scraping & What are the Benefits?

First off, SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. So, when someone searches for something on Google, it returns a list of websites that have relevant information, as well as similar questions, searches, and other appropriate information. Plus, you may see a featured snippet, which shows a “snippet” of information that might answer your query without you needing to visit a website. That as a whole is referred to as a SERP.

Checking SERPs data can help you to analyze the top results for a keyword. By examining the web pages that are ranking at the top, you can analyze what keywords and SEO strategies that the competition is using to rank well, and then implement them into your own webpages. However, doing that manually takes time and you don’t always get accurate results due to search history, location, and other elements. That’s where SERP scraping APIs come in.

SERP APIs allow you to extract data from the top results quickly and accurately. Using a SERP API saves you time and allows you to input your efforts elsewhere. They’re not hard to use and you don’t even need to have coding knowledge. You can simply set it up and let it do all of the hard work for you.

What is ZenSerp

There are many SERP scraping APIs available, but the Zenserp Google Search API aims to solve the common problems that can arise with extracting Google SERP data. You see, although scraping data isn’t illegal, Google makes it a challenging process by implementing roadblocks such as IP blocking and CAPTCHAs.

Zenserp crashes through those roadblocks by rotating proxy servers and using CAPTCHA solving technology, allowing you to retrieve the data you need quickly and efficiently. It can be used for many use cases, such as SEO rank tracking, content aggregation, ad verification, and lead generation. Zenserp is easy to use and has useful documentation that you can look at, too. Let’s go through Zenserp’s main features and functionality.

Zenserp’s Key Features

Search Types

Zenserp is compatible with the different SERP types, including:

  • Paid
  • Organic
  • Featured snippet
  • Maps
  • Answer box
  • Top story
  • People also ask
  • Image
  • Image reverse
  • Shopping
  • Trends
  • Local pack and more

Plus, if a new type of SERP is released, it’s added to Zenserp quickly.

Location Based Search

You can also find location-based results, which is handy if you want to know how to reach a target audience in a specific location.

Proxy Management

Zenserp manages proxy issues by rotating proxies automatically. That ensures that you only receive valid responses.

Batch Endpoint

Zenserp provides a batch endpoint for large data sets. It will allow you to make multiple searches in a single batch.

Intelligent Parsing

Zenserp utilizes intelligent parsers that adapt to the constantly changing markup on the SERPs.

Speed & Performance

Zenserp’s strong infrastructure returns results quickly in realtime. Plus, it can process any number of requests without it hindering performance.


You can scrape search engine results pages in realtime, and Zenserp imitates human behavior to return accurate results of what a user would see.

Easy of Use

Zenserp is easy to use and returns results in a JSON format that you can integrate into your chosen application. If you would prefer a different format to JSON, though, you can easily convert it into another format with a third-party tool.


You don’t need to worry about Zenserp’s reliability. It’s constantly monitored to make sure that it is available and reliable. Sure, there are instances that cannot be helped, but Zenserp’s uptime is calculated at 99.9% for the past 12 months.

Request Allowance

Zenserp’s plans are primarily based on a monthly request allowance, which at most is 1 million (you can request a custom allowance if you need more, though). However, if a request is invalid, it won’t count towards your allowance.


Zenserp is primarily designed for Google, but it can also work with other search engines, such as Bing or Yahoo. In regards to device compatibility, you can use Zenserp on both desktop and mobile devices.

Customer Support

Zenserp’s free and Small plans only get email support and self-service onboarding. Its higher-tiered plans get personal support and concierge onboarding, though.


  • 99.9% uptime
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Invalid requests don’t count towards allowance
  • Automatic CAPTCHA solving and proxy management
  • Compatible with different search types
  • Location-based searches
  • Top performance and strong infrastructure
  • Mobile ready
  • Easy to use
  • Free plan


  • Customer support options could be better
  • Limited payment options

Zenserp’s Pricing

Zenserp has pricing for both standard and high volume use cases. There’s also a free plan that you could use to see if you like it. Plus, you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your plan at any time.

All of Zenserp’s plans include all of the SERP types. Both the free and Small plans don’t get batch endpoint, keyword search volume, keyword CPC, or a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Here’s a breakdown of Zenserp’s plans:

  • Free plan: 50 requests per month
  • Small plan, $29.99 per month: 5,000 requests per month
  • Medium plan, $89.99 per month: 20,000 requests per month
  • Large plan, $189.99 per month: 50,000 requests per month
  • Very Large plan, $399.99 per month: 120,000 requests per month
  • Premium, $599.99 per month: 250,000 requests per month
  • Professional, $1399.99 per month: 750,000 requests per month
  • Enterprise, $1599.99 per month: 1,000,000 requests per month

Those are Zenserp’s monthly costs, but if you choose an annual plan instead, you can save 20%. Plus, if you need more volume, you can contact Zenserp for a custom plan.

Zenserp accepts payment via credit card, but if you are on a higher volume plan, you can request an annual bank transfer instead.


The Zenserp Google Search API is incredibly useful and easy to use. If you’re looking for a SERP scraping tool that lets you refine your search by type, then Zenserp is a great option. It’s also fast and accurate, allowing you to retrieve valuable data that can help you get ahead of the competition. Plus, its proxy rotation and CAPTCHA solving technology take away the most common issues of SERP scraping.

Visit Zenserp

If you need to scrape an actual website, SaaS Industries have also developed a web scraping API, Zenscrape. Read our Zenscrape review to learn more.

Zenserp is fairly priced and also has a free plan, so why don’t you give it a try? There’s nothing to lose. Thank you for reading.

The post Review: Zenserp Google Search API first appeared on Web Development Blog, News and Tutorials.

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