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Sex Tips For Men – 3 Facts About Female Orgasms Every Man Ought to Know

Do women orgasm as often as men? How much longer does it typically take for a girl to achieve orgasm during sex? Are there specific sex “acts” that are more conducive to giving her an orgasm than others?

A Healthy Penis – The Secret to Pleasing a Sexual Partner

Having a healthy penis can boost a man’s own pleasure, as well as improving his ability to please his partner. Learn how a penis health creme can help.

Relationships: Is It Important To Understand The Opposite Sex?

Questions such as: what does it take to keep a woman happy and what does it take to please a man, have been around for many years. And sometimes people come up with answers and sometimes people give up trying to find answers.

Why Aren’t We Talking About Disability and Sex?

Sex is a hot topic of conversation with most young people. One thing we never talk about though, is disability and sex. Lack of information and understanding creates a stigma around the subject. Talking about disability and sex is the first step to normalising it. One the main points of contention is whether we have a ‘right to sex’ – it’s a tricky one which is usually subjective.

How To Do Sex Magic

Everyone wants to lead a healthy, happy in which we are financially, sexually ad emotionally stable. People would like to think they have some sort of control over their lives, and not be subject to what one would call fate, destiny, or other people’s agendas. This is the main reason why most people who work magic do spells. Magic allows people to work with the energy in the universe and in nature to produce a desired outcome. Magic allows one to attract to life desires, wants, needs and also protection. Sex magic is especially powerful in manifesting desires.