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How You Can Make Over N200,000 Naira Per Month Guaranteed Just By Using Your Android Phone

If you are looking for a way to earn extra income, then ensure you read this report to the end!

Fellow Nigerian,

Let's face it...

It might take a long time for things to change and get back to normal in our country.

Yes, the truth is hard to swallow, but that is the bitter truth.

The cost of living has become so high in Nigeria today. A lot of people can no longer afford a good and comfortable life due to lack of money.

Even the salary of many people can no longer sustain them, and financial hardship is now on the rise.

You see, lack of money can make life hard and unbearable.  I understand how it feels because I have been in such condition before.

But let me ask you this,

If there was a better way for you to earn more money and live comfortably, would you not want to know more about it?" Of course, you would!"

Now, what I am about showing you is an opportunity that will help you make more money guarantee, using just your Android Phone. Introducing...

Ultimate Survey App

"Discover An Amazing Mobile App That Earns You over N200,000 Per Month Guarantee!"

Yes, that's right!

Ultimate Survey App is a mobile app that allows you earn $20 (N8,000 naira) every day, simply by completing survey offers, using your mobile phone for just 25-30 minutes per day. 

What does this means, and how does this work, you must be wondering?

Let me explain...

There are thousands of foreign advertisers who gather feedbacks from consumers (people like you and me) all over the world. These feedbacks are important to these advertisers because it helps them improve their products and services.

Now, whenever you participate in completing their survey offers, you get paid for your time and feedback. However, the challenge with online surveys is that in most cases, it is only available to people in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Only limited surveys are available to people in other foreign countries (like Nigeria). Also, to see survey offers that will pay you as high as $20 per survey, can be very difficult to find if you are searching manually.

"Now, This is where the ULTIMATE SURVEY APP comes into play." 

This mobile app gives you an advantage by connecting you directly to survey offers that are available to people in foreign countries (Nigeria included), and also offers that pay as high as $20 per surveyI could not believe this myself when I first found out about this.

However, after searching on Google to verify how true online surveys are, I found out that online surveys are real and you can actually make money from them.

Also, if you do a search on Google for "make money online", you will see that online survey is among one of the options shown to you.

Below is a search I did on Google. You can see that "ONLINE SURVEYS" is number 2 on the list

Note: Zoom in on the image below to see better if your mobile phone screen is smaller

Below is an example of a Foreign Advertiser that pays money for completing their Survey Offers

Also, below is an example of a survey offer "Not Available" for people in Nigeria

You may be surprised that something like this even existed, right? Yes. I was too. But after putting my doubt away and giving it a try, I was blown away by the results I got!

Each time you complete a survey with the Ultimate Survey App, you will be paid $20, which will be credited instantly into your Bitcoin Account. Then, you can withdraw your payment into your Nigerian Bank Account afterwards.

Below are my recent survey monthly payments received into my Bitcoin Account, as well as the Naira equivalent after I withdraw my payments into my Nigerian Bank Account

$600 Survey Payment For The Month of June, 2020 Credited Into My Bitcoin Account

The Same $600 Survey Payment In Naira (N252,000) After Withdrawal To My Nigerian Bank Account

$540 Survey Payment For Month Of May, 2020 Credited Into My Bitcoin Account

The Same $540 Survey Payment In Naira (N210,600) After Withdrawal To My Nigerian Bank Account

Another $520 Survey Payment For Month of April, 2020 Credited Into My Bitcoin Account

The Same $520 Survey Payment In Naira (N199,800) After Withdrawal To My Nigerian Bank Account

Those are my most recent payments received from completing survey offers with the Ultimate Survey App. In order not to make this report too long to read, I decided not to show all my previous months payment since late last year.

Imagine earning $20 everyday... Let's calculate your potential income:

Your Earnings Per Month: $20 x 30 days = $600

When you withdraw in Naira, you are looking at N252,000 Per Month (thanks to the high exchange rate of dollar presently)

Please note that the present exchange rate when withdrawing your survey payment as of this month of July, 2020 is N420 per Dollar. This exchange rate changes from time to time. 

Benefits of Ultimate Survey App

  • You are guaranteed of making $20 per day, using just 25-30 minutes of your time, in completing the survey offers.
  • Surveys are always available every day of the week, Mondays to Sundays; everything is done online using your phone and internet data.
  • No Experience is needed at all; Anyone can do this, no matter your location.
  • You can withdraw your survey payments either every week or every month; the choice is yours.
  • This is totally legitimate. Like I stated earlier, you can do a Google search to verify the authenticity of online surveys.

What You Need To Get Started

  • You need an Android Phone with Internet Data. The Ultimate Survey App will work on most android phones such as Infinix, Tecno, Itel, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Gionee, e.t.c
  • Then, you need to open a free Bitcoin Account, which you will use to receive your $20 daily survey payment. To do that, simply open the "Playstore" app on your Android phone and search for the app called "Blockchain Wallet". Install the app on your phone.

Then, open the app and click on "Create Wallet" to open a free Bitcoin Account.

Follow the instructions and your Bitcoin Account will be created instantly.

See the images below for guidance:

Install "Blockchain Wallet" on your phone from Playstore

Click on "Create A Wallet" to open a Bitcoin Account

  • Also, you need a Nigerian Bank account, either Savings or Current Account, which you will withdraw your survey payments into, from your Bitcoin Account.
  • And finally, you need the Ultimate Survey App, which will connect you and give you access to these high paying survey offers, so you can complete them and get paid.

Important Things To Know About Ultimate Survey App

  • The mobile app license is only valid for 6 months. This means that once you install the app on your Android phone, it will expire in 6 months time, counting from the day you start using it. For example, if you start using the app on 1st June, 2020, it will expire on 1st December, 2020 
  • You are ONLY allowed to complete 1 survey offer per day and each survey offer will pay you $20. Note: you cannot complete more than 1 survey offer per day using the app.
  • The Ultimate Survey App is a single user license. This means that each license can only be installed on 1 Android phone per person. You cannot install the same license on more than 1 phone.
  • The App also comes with an Instruction Manual which guides you step by step, shows you how to get started immediately, and also how to withdraw your payment from your Bitcoin Account to your Nigerian Bank Account.

Just so you know, there are other Nigerians like you, also using the Ultimate Survey App to make money every month. Take a look at the various payments below received by other users.

N210,000 Survey Payment Received By Someone For The Month of June, 2020

N252,000 Payment Received Again By Someone Else For The Month of June, 2020

N218,400 Alert Received By Someone For The Month of May, 2020

N195,000 Survey Payment Also Received By Someone Else For The Month of May, 2020

N228,000 Survey Payment Received By Another Person For The Month of April, 2020

These are just a few results from other people!

Testimonials From People

More Testimonials From People

Given the many scams on the internet today, I never knew it was possible to make money from online surveys. I'm so grateful to have found this opportunity. Bridgette

If you are not using the Ultimate Survey App to make money this year 2020, then you are really missing out! Peter

Having recently finished my NYSC, the Ultimate Survey App has helped me cater for my needs financially, without having to worry about personal expenses. Kate

Indeed, this mobile app has added so much more to my financial life in such a short amount of time. Nnamdi

A cross-section of Attendants at the Live Demonstration Seminar in Lagos as at December, 2019

Now you may be wondering why I choose to reveal such opportunity like this, it's simple:

"To Provide An Income Solution For People Especially In This Time of Economic Hardship."

Given how things have becomed so difficult these days, many Nigerians out there can no longer afford a good means of livelihood, coupled with the bad leadership we have in our country.

Unemployment and poverty is on the rise, and if care is not taken, Nigeria's economy might fall into recession soon, which might lead to many people losing their jobs.

"I believe it is high time we start creating financial opportunities for ourselves, rather than wait for one."

Now that you have fully digested this information, I am sure you are eager to get started and try this out, right?

Of course! But, also know that everything valuable in life comes at a price!

However, in order to still make the Ultimate Survey App affordable, I am reducing the price to:

Is it expensive? Yes, you may think.

But the truth is, buying the Ultimate Survey App in bulk licenses from the software developer came at a huge cost for me personally.

Also, know that some of the people at the live seminar held in Lagos paid the full price of N40,000 per license.

But since you missed this opportunity the first time it was launched last year December, you now have the chance to be a part of this again and get your own license at a discounted price of N30,000.

Bonus Offer

That is not all... As my way of adding more value, I am giving you access to my private whatsapp group where I also teach people for free how to make even more money selling hot in-demand products on Jumia (Nigeria's biggest online store).

You see, having more than one source of income is one of the best thing you can do as a person.

Like I stated before, the Ultimate Survey App will make you money consistently for 6 months. But after it expires, what do you now do?

This is where my free Jumia training gives you an advantage!

You will have the opportunity to tap into another source of income so you can keep on making money over the course of time. 

Benefits of the Free Jumia Training

  • I will show you how to setup your Jumia seller account.
  • I will also show you what type of products to sell on Jumia, the right price to sell them for, and where you can buy these products from for very cheap wholesale price here in Nigeria. You don't even need to import anything at all from abroad.
  • I will show you how to upload your products on your Jumia seller account so people can start placing orders right away.
  • Lastly, the products I will share with you sell very fast on Jumia. So you don't need to worry about stocking them for long. And you are guaranteed of making 3-4 times profit on each product.

Some of My Recent Jumia Earnings

N219,329 Earned For The Month of June, 2020

N357,028 Earned For The Month of May, 2020

Over 50 People Plus Who Are Already In My Jumia Whatsapp Group Training

As you can see, this is another huge income opportunity for you! I am giving you my exact same methods for making money successfully without stress. 

While others use their mobile phones for chatting, browsing and doing unproductive things, you on the other hand, can now turn your phone into a medium of making money.

Also, now that the price of dollar has even gone up, you now have the opportunity to make even more money when you are withdrawing your survey payment, rather than complain of the hardship of the economy. 

Like I stated earlier, it will take quite a long time for things to change and get back to normal for our country. Do you have that much time to wait? Of course not! Nobody does! And time waits for Nobody!

We are getting older by the day, and as such, our lives should be improving financially too. This is why you need to grab this opportunity so you can have a reliable source of income for yourself starting from today. 

Opportunity they say, only knocks once!

Don't be among those waiting for a miracle to happen out of nowhere. Rather, be among those who will take action to invest in an opportunity today that will give you a steady guarantee income tomorrow.

"Successful people don't wait for things to happen; they make things happen!"

N30,000 is what some people spend on things that won't bring them income in return. Even if you save N30,000 in the bank for 1 year, the interest will never ever come close to N200,000.

But you now have the chance to invest that same N30,000 in an opportunity that will take your financial life to the next level starting from today.

The decisions we make everyday shapes our lives, positively or negatively. 

Choose wisely today and don't let this opportunity pass you by!

How To Make Payment

To order for your license copy of the Utimate Survey App Package, simply pay the sum of N30,000 into the bank details below:

Bank: Wema Bank

Account Name: Emmanuel Ikpe

Account No: 0241186831

After payment, send your Depositor’s Name or Transfer Name, Amount Paid, and Email address in a text message to my phone number: 08095453895. You can also call to notify me after making payment.

Once your payment has been confirmed, the Ultimate Survey App + Instruction Manual will be sent to your email address immediately. Simply download the app from your email, install it on your Android device and you are good to go!

Please Note: Call me first so I can confirm the type of Android Phone you are using, before making payment. This is very important!


To put your mind at peace, I am offering a 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee. If after purchasing the Ultimate Survey App, you don't start making money within a day (which is impossible), then please feel free to contact me and request for a full refund of your money.

Note: To request for a refund of your money, CLICK HERE to see the refund process.

Unfortunately, this is a limited time offer. I have to limit the number of people using the Ultimate Survey App so that the server will not become too congested and slow for those already using the app.

 So, take advantage of this opportunity today, and see your financial life change for the best.

"I can lead you to water, but I cannot make you drink".

Should you have further questions, or need more information, please feel free to call me on: 08095453895.

Many thanks to you for your time.

I look forward to hearing your testimonials!

Please note: this offer will be closing on 5th August, 2020.

Don't miss out!

Your Empowerment Coach,

Emmanuel Ikpe

Empowerment NG

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